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Ironbridge Coracle Trust


The ICT is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, established April 2014, registration with the Charity Commission was achieved in 2015.


The ICT has been set up by a group of local people who are interested in the coracle heritage of the Gorge, including friends of the Rogers family, coracle builders and enthusiasts.


The aim of the ICT is the advancement of the culture and heritage of the craft of coracles and coracle making in the Ironbridge Gorge and on the River Severn for the benefit of the public.


The immediate objectives of the ICT are:


To purchase the coracle shed on the banks of the Severn formerly owned by the Rogers family, key figures in the story of coracles in Ironbridge.


To offer some interpretation about the coracle shed which lies within the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.


To seek further funding to restore the coracle shed and interpret its role the public.


To continue to put on the Ironbridge Coracle Regatta on August Bank Holiday Monday at the Rowing Club on the Severn.


To interview people who knew the river men, and capture their reminiscences as digital recordings which can be put onto the website.


The Trust is open to anyone to join as a supporting member.

Please contact Jude Walker on 01952 275606.


The Ironbridge Coracle Trust

Coracle Shed

The Ironbridge Coracle Trust

Please donate to support the work the Ironbridge Coracle Trust is doing to conserve the shed and tell the story of the last coracle men.